It's Full of Stars

This video perfectly encapsulates the feeling that I get around these sites in Greece after I became familiar with the history.

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

I said, as I held curled my hands around my lab coat. Okay not really, I took an arts degree so there were no lab coats despite one of my majors having the word science in it, but I think that most of my, presumed, audience should have that image floating about their memory banks.

Why Steven Harper Should Be Booted Out

Let me clear the air. I am not strongly affiliated with any party. Instead I have tendency to vote for the best candiate in my riding. Living in Halifax’s south end this means that I have voted for the incomparable Alexa McDonough and Megan Leslie more recently but in my past, when I lived in Guelph, I voted for a Conservative candiate because the Liberal candidate was an empty shirt.