Oh You're Sure To Do That If You Only Walk Long Enough

There are not many bands that vex me. There is Beautiful Small Machines with the ultimate geeky cheerfulness that is a serious competitor against Carebears for sheer nauseating cuteness. Then there is Anamanaguchi making yearn for my misspent youth of warm summer days spent hiding indoors in front of 8-bit friends. And finally The SoHo Ghetto (née Marc-Antoine and The Soho Ghetto) which is a local band in Halifax.

Windows 8: Finally, Something New

I have been complaining about Microsoft’s slavish devotion to their previous UI decisions for at least 6 years but after seeing this I finally think that Microsoft may have a winner on their hands.

The Civilized Diet

It seems that spring has finally sprung in this northern environment. There are various way to tell and when this happening. The shoes become less boot like, the guys with large calf muscle tattoos no longer shiver as much when they are wearing their shorts, the Public Gardens opens, and the stuff that falls from the sky becomes more wet and less white. It’s all very unhygienic if you ask me but these signs are what anyone can see. There is one new symptom of springyness which I was not aware of until this year. The people in your life stop making fun out of your dietary quirks and start seriously sitting you down and asking pointed questions.

Another Thoughtless Apple Prediction: Ipod Shuffle We Hardly Knew Yee

Since it is very much in vogue to make hasty Apple claims, I believe Gruber refers to this as claim chowder, I thought I would throw my hat into the ring. This is mainly so that I can point to a time stamped page and say I was right or hang my head in shame.