We Interrupt Your Cat Videos ...

OK GO and the Muppets. Youtube is truly a new beginning for sketch comedy.

Now You Are Proposing With Portals


Cowboys And Aliens: A Movie That Is Not About Arizona's Immigration Policy

I will concede that Cowboys And Aliens is an enjoyable movie and when you go to movie, much like Snakes on a Plane of yesteryear, if you expect more than what is the movie title then you are going to be disappointed.

Some More Thoughts Concerning Education

I must start with an honest declaration. Despite the fact that I love some of the ideas presented in the above video I do, however, loathe the application of the term ‘Gamify’ to education. I have encountered far to many exceedingly trivial Ph.D. holders that obviously gamed their way through the current education system.

National - Exile Contest Entry Restores My Faith in the Gamer Community

Recently I learnt that the Duke Nukem apparently ended up in the black despite the fact that every critic on Earth panned it for good reason. This lead to the obvious depression that ‘Gamers’ were obviously a bunch of porridge brained idiots that can easily amused by jingling your keys in front of the as long as you keychain had a scantly clad woman on it.

It's The Journey, Not The Destination

After using Google + for a few weeks and fiddling with Facebook for an about the same amount of time I decided to access the two social services. To that end and despite the superficial similarity between Facebook and Google + there is deep undercurrents in the way they are handling their users. This is merely caused by their respective genesises.

Abebe Bikila, All Too Human

A couple of weeks ago I began to change the way I run. I debated this for about a year, when I started running, but finally I decided to take the plunge and start running barefoot-ish.