Cowboys And Aliens: A Movie That Is Not About Arizona's Immigration Policy

I will concede that Cowboys And Aliens is an enjoyable movie and when you go to movie, much like Snakes on a Plane of yesteryear, if you expect more than what is the movie title then you are going to be disappointed. So I ask myself: Were there Cowboys? Yes. Were there Aliens? Affirmative. Was the Kurgen from Highlander in it? Yes but that wasn’t on the poster.

So the movie should be a rousing success. Right. Right?

Despite my low expectations it left me empty. It is like listening to a player piano. It seemed more as a background activity with no anima. Just a piece by the numbers that will most people will just watch as an accompaniment to the sound of popcorn grazing.

This movie hit all the right notes for all the westerns of yesteryear and the cast was pitch perfect but even with all of that you could actually feel the sprockets digging in and moving the film across rather than have a true emotional impact of a true performance.

The reels lack any form of art but what is sad is everyone involved is not only good but excellent in their role. The script, however, is shit and it pays tribute to the fact that the five credited writers were all working at different times and the movie studios were asking for draft after draft after draft. If it wasn’t for Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig being signed to the project, with specific roles, then the movie would probably stayed in development hell where the script belonged. Alas it did not and everyone just went through the paces.

If you think about it the movie could have been made better with some minor script level edits. If you were to make Harrison Ford an unlikable sheriff and remove the Sam Rockwell character completely then you have not only a better movie but also a half hour shorter movie. Furthermore, I think given the talent on screen if you could have just made the antagonism between the settlers and natives stronger, instead of assumed, and brought in the aliens as a antagonist then you could have had a very strong message about how the whereas what is past maybe prologue but the what is key is the future and forgiveness.

The movie has this better movie sitting so close to the surface that it is a shame that they couldn’t bother to play the piece with feeling.

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