No, I think it is

On the rioting in Athens: “what was happening in the square in front of Parliament for weeks and weeks was a perfectly peaceful demonstration that people were taking their children to,” he said. “People were there with their grandparents and their children, it was a family occasion and totally peaceful. And it was making our points. And then for just two days, the new ones showed up and started throwing bricks and rocks. It’s disgraced the country. It’s embarrassing. It’s not Greece.”

Although I hate being contradictory, wait I love it but that is beside the point, this is exactly what Greece does every time they get upset. I don’t even have to rely on my classical study of the area just look what happened less than 50 years ago.

Sigh, this.

Now I understand the it was just the words of a cabbie but having spent a little to much time in the backs of Athenian cabs I shall let the Globe and Mail in on a little secret. Nearly all Cabbies in Athens are crazy. So please don’t print the words of crazy people.

And further more try not to relate Canada’s problems to Greece’s. Greek federal politics has been corrupt since the absence of Papandreou the first. Not fake sponsorship scandal corruption but real corruption - similar to municipal corruption in Canada to give you an idea. Vancouver lost a hockey game on the other hand and the G8 thing happened once and for a particular reason. The Greeks are merely rioting because they don’t like what is happening and think they have no other recourse.

If you want to internationally relate all these things look into the jobless and underemployed rates of highly educated and physically fit 20 somethings that have a bit of idyll time on their hands because the of the sequestered capital being held for baby boomer retirement.

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